Lead Worship in the Alps

Come and play in the mountains

. Build up the church for Christ

. World's largest ski area

. Awesome mission field

. Non skiers welcome

. Stay a week - stay all season

. FREE chalet accommodation


We’d like to invite you to come and stay in our chalet

from jan 2019

lead our congregation

Help us build up our small church plant in Meribel with lively, authentic spirit-filled worship.  We have a vision of God’s light pouring out of our church.  Come and be a part of it.

solo or worship bands welcome

Get the band on the slopes

We’d love you to join us, whether it’s just you, two of you, or you’re a whole band.  Meribel loves music.  Come and play.

Altitude mission

reaching the mountains for god

Be a light on the hill.  Meribel is full of young seasonnaires, residents and holiday-makers.  We want to show them God’s awesome love.

join those already helping

Lindz West of LZ7

Lindz West of LZ7 is one of our chaplains this season who is committed to helping Altitude Mission reach the mountains for Christ. 

find out the full details below

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On How To Join Us Leading Worship In The Alps

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