Love God + Love Skiing = Altitude Mission

What an incredible start and first season.

It’s been a really weird time as many people are leaving and the bars are all closing.
The Folie Douce had their closing party on Saturday and it was a predictably mad party. I went down to the toilets to find a girl slumped over the sink with her friend trying to look after her. She was totally out of it and they were trying to make her drink water. Her head was by the automatic tap which just kept on running and had become very hot! We knew she had to get the bubble car back before it closed so we attempted to drag/carry her out. She collapsed on the stairs and security came and carried her up to a sofa. I motioned for a sick bucket (must learn the French!) and got her in a ready position for when the vomiting started. Her friend took her phone to keep it safe. Sure enough, the vomiting started which led to her gradually coming round.
Alcohol has a much stronger affect at altitude especially on a hot day when they haven’t had enough water. When she was ok I left her to find Will.
He was helping a French crowd try to stand up and get their skis on. They just kept on falling over so Will arranged to get them up to the bubble car to stop them taking the red run down. They couldn’t stand even without skis on and kept falling in a pile on top of each other.
The Folie Douce staff and Pisteurs have really begun to appreciate what we are doing. Will had a meeting with the manager who has asked us to wear Folie jackets next year with our Ski Angel logo on instead of their Folie logo. This is fantastic as it’s the next step in setting up the Ski Angels officially. He’s also asked all next years Ski Angels to lunch in La Fruiterie restaurant at the Folie pre season so that he can meet everyone and we can explain what we are doing. Then he gave Will a magnum of Rose to ski back to the car with!
Then there was talks with the owner of our chalet to try and secure the chalet for next year and get the same discounted rate as this year. Again, we made sure the meeting was covered in prayer and without even a discussion we were offered the same deal. It’s going to be the last year as the owner is knocking down the three Chalets and building a smart block of apartments. We were rather hoping to rent all three Chalets in a row in the future so I wonder what God has planned.
We’ve been praying Isaiah 54:
“Enlarge the place of your tent,
Stretch your tent curtains wide,
Do not hold back.
Lengthen your cords,
Strengthen your stakes
For you will spread out to the right and to the left”.
We’ve had a children’s week this week with 6 kids in the chalet. It was beautiful to watch them during a worship session as they played the keyboard and cajon and sang along.
We made the church on Sunday into a worship and thanksgiving service and pulled the pews into a semi circle so that we could worship more informally. A crowd from Richmond came and we had a lovely service and great supper afterwards. It was my last service and I’ll miss everyone.
We are going to miss everyone a lot and it’s going to be strange going back to a house with just us in it. We’ve so enjoyed having a crowd of people around every night and a big thank you to Cat for being chef and relieving me of the pressure of thinking about what to cook.
The skiing is actually amazing as although it is icy early on and then slushy, the middle of the day is beautiful. Soft snow, empty runs and un-cut up pistes.
Will took Sammy off to his football camp in the UK so I’m left with Annie and Harry to run the chalet. As usual everyone pitched in on pizza and beer night and we had 8 people come up for it. 9 if you count Becky next door but she’s an adopted member of our chalet so isn’t really a visitor!
Today is our last day skiing and so we are going to hit first lifts and have a mountain burger at lunch! Ive borrowed some demo skis from The Bootlab and can’t believe the difference they make to my skiing. Nordicas that are 100cm underfoot. Hopefully some Richmond crowd will meet us for lunch and then it’s back to the chalet to really clear up and pack. Hopefully we can leave most of the stuff here over the summer.
There also seems to be an interesting connection developing in Japan for anyone who does the BASI ski instructors course with us. There’s some Christian skiers in Niseko so our instructors could go and teach skiing there and help build up the church as part of the OMF which used to be the China Inland Mission. The skiing in Japan is meant to be amazing with masses of powder so this would be a fantastic next step for anyone interested. We watch and wait to see what God will do with this.
I leave tomorrow so this is probably the last blog. What an absolutely incredible season it’s been and although we need a rest, we can’t wait to see what the next season holds.
Au revoir. A Bientot.
By next season I plan to speak better French and play the guitar!
I will start by learning :

elle va vomir.

elle a besoin d’un seau malade

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  1. :Praying for you all as you settle into the rhythm of a very different life on the Solent. what a wonderful place Altitude chalet has become and how grateful we are to god for the opportunity to visit you all and to see your heart for the lost in Meribel. I lift my eyes to the hills and from there my help comes.
    our son J in particular loved it and has been a different person since the ski trip. A burden has lifted and he is joyful, wearing a huge cross round his neck and suggesting he comes out for a season! (Also that he leaves school to do it!) A friend had had a word early in March that J would meet God in the open air on a high slope….I think God did exactly that in His own kind way when we were with you in Meribel. So, Thank you for your obedience to the calling you have been given. God bless you all an we hope to see you again!

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