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Lindz LZ7 DJs at Folie Douce Meribel

A crazy chef-incidence happened this week. Cat, a girl who used to work for us and Méribel Ski Chalets, answered an ad for a chef that I hadn’t put out yet! Out of the the blue she messaged me asking if we were still after a chef. She’d seen an old post from a few weeks ago. Pete has been told to take up to a month off so we were definitely looking but hadn’t placed an ad yet! So she accepted the job, handed in her notice and arrived on Saturday! Praise God for His ability to rain chefs on us.

Friday saw the arrival of Lee and MK from LZ7 along with Lee’s brother in law and my Fred. The chalet is filling up nicely ready for our 31 at one stage next week. We will have people sleeping in the prayer room, on mattresses on the floor etc. More guests arrived Saturday – one all the way from South Africa who just happened to be sharing a room with another South African.

Masses of snow feel this weekend and Soul, our chaplain for Sunday, had to fight his way through thick piles of it to reach us from Geneva. The service was great with Konrad on guitar and MK singing. All our chalet were there and although it was freezing we loved listening to Soul and his amazing stories.


Lindz arrived Monday and we were a full house. Tuesday brought the sun, fresh powder and my Fred’s 18th bday. What a great day we had on the slopes, with fresh powder, mountain burgers for lunch and cake and Man U playing in the evening. One happy Fred. The only down side was a fall on the ice where he smashed onto his coccyx so we all prayed. At the doctors the next day, it was unbelievable how much it had healed. This was a true answer to prayer as it was looking like he’d be sitting in the chalet miserably for a few days. But he was up and out the next day.

Fred + Lindz

We are having a great time taking the dogs to Ronnies as they act like an absolute magnet and it’s so easy to talk to seasonaires. They all miss their dogs more than their families! So we tend to end the days with a drink at Ronnies to build up relationships.

We’ve had a lot of flack this week on Facebook. A few posts telling us to get out of resort, we not wanted etc etc. It’s hard to take but it’s sort of par for the course. We just don’t retaliate and try and let our actions speak louder than our words.

The great news is that Lindz and MK went to meet with the artistic director at the Folie Douce who have agreed to them playing a DJset on Saturday. It’s a bit of a duff slot as all the workers and holiday makers will be working or arriving/leaving but it’s a slot none the less. Most of the people we know can’t come but we trust that God can do great things.


A year ago, I started praying for Lindz to be up on the balcony playing to the Folie Douce crowd. It was a pipe dream and one that, although I was sure it was from God, I also considered it fairly impossible. They have their own Folie Douce team and I’ve never seen invited DJ’s there. So I swing between being slightly disappointed that it’s a Saturday slot to complete incredulity that God has actually sorted this. Again, it humbles me to see what He is doing here and how He is working.

The chalet is completely amazing. This week we had 14 non-Christians and 15 Christians all living together with worship music in the background and open chat and prayers but nothing too pushy. And it really works as a fantastic environment to stay in while we pile out on the slopes every day. Something special is happening here and I’m continually in awe as to what God is doing.
We have seen some guests (one refers to it as our orphanage) absolutely blossom as they settle in to an non judgemental, loving, caring environment where everyone gets on, there’s no arguments and everyone gets stuck in to help clear up the mountain of plates and glasses after dinner. For example, last night there was a brilliant team in the kitchen making 15 pizzas, coleslaw etc whilst others offered drinks and chat to the brave few who came!

Lindz’s family arrive today along with Julio who didn’t want to miss out on the fun. Lindz and Julio is an incredible combination and Ronnies is going to get loud later! We also have my Harrys best friend Spike, and his family, arriving. He goes to the same special school as Harry and we are determined to see if we can strap him into a pair of boots and get him on the slopes somehow. His brother is just getting in to Lz7’s music so great timing with the band being here.

Spike + Harry

We were so sad to see my friend from home leave after an incredible month here. We’ve watched the Holy Spirit at work as she accepted Jesus back in to her life and transform in front of our eyes. A massive help in the kitchen, a brilliant ‘scooper- upper’ who spots the girl that needs special attention and company and immediately makes them feel at ease. It’s been an honour and a pleasure to have her stay with us.

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