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New Wine Festival Review 2018

New Wine Festival 2018

10 awesome things about New Wine 2018.

  1. The kids’ work – it blows us away every time.  The amount of thought, passion, commitment and love that goes into the children’s groups is mind-blowing.  The young adults serving on team are all passionate about what they do and seem to love their work.  Our kids just love going to group and getting close to God.  They quite enjoy the gunge tank, and their leaders getting pie-faced too!
  2. The worship – every year this is awesome – whether it’s 4000 of us in the main arena, or the much more intimate worship in the Hungry venue.  The Holy Spirit definitely turns up.
  3. Healings and answers to prayer.  Watching people’s lives turned around when God heals them, or answers prayer – it’s so exciting to be a part of God’s work – we have an amazing God.
  4. Spending time with God – he’s everywhere at New Wine – in the venues, in the seminars, in the conversations around the camp, in the leader’s lounge.  I leave refreshed and re-focussed every time.
  5. Morning teaching – either for the early birds with Andrew Blyth in Hungry, or the main morning sessions – it’s so good to go deeper into the Bible with some seriously clear-thinking people.  We chose Miriam Swaffield and Andy Byers each day, and what a blessing to have the Bible opened up to us in new ways.
  6. Robbie Dawkins – a law unto himself but what an inspiring, God-fearing man – he lives a radical life, and calls us to do the same.  Come on Robbie…
  7. Great seminars – there’s always so much choice with the late morning, or afternoon seminars, covering such a broad range of topics from evangelism, to prophecy, from mental health to good parenting, from healing to calling, and so much more.  Hats off to Dr Ruth Perrin for a particularly brilliant seminar on Generation Snowflake.  Not so flakey after all…
  8. Rain – it didn’t rain every day (unlike 2017), so that’s a miracle in itself.  In fact the first half of week two was positively baking. 
  9. Got to love the market place – I spend far too much there every time, but so many good things to support / buy / eat…
  10. Shooting stars – literally – I saw three this week, including the brightest, fieriest star I’ve ever seen – God anyone?

And so it’s Goodbye to Shepton Mallet after 30 years there, and New Wine is heading to the East of England Showground at Peterborough.  Exciting times ahead. 

Thank you New Wine.  Thank you God.

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