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La Taverne – seasonnairres pub Meribel

We started a new Apres Social this week on a Thursday in La Taverne (the Tav) which is very much a seasonnairres pub. It’s a good place for seasonnairres to meet with us if they need and for us to be with the dogs. The owner has given us a “chaplains seasonaires card” for discounted drinks which we can pass from chaplain to chaplain. It also cover Ronnies and Sully’s, the night club, so Julio will no doubt get great use of it 😀.

We’ve had a really quiet week which is exactly what we needed as our new chef is not very well and needs to go home for a few days to get checked out. I did the weekly shop down at the cash and carry with Eva and my Harry which was an experience! It had dumped with snow the night before so was stunning all the way down the valley.

Sunday was the service over at Courchevel. Some of us went by car and some by 4 different bubble cars and telecabines just hoping that the wind wouldn’t pick up any more until after we got home as we had to get up and over the mountain.
We didn’t have many turn up but it was a really powerful time. Gordon had written out 18 different scriptures which took us on a journey from trauma and disaster to hope for the future. Sammy and his friend were in charge of sound and did a great job turning it up and down whilst we read the scriptures or reflected on them. Every single visitor committed to putting Jesus in the centre of their lives from now on which was absolutely lovely to witness.
Then it was back through the falling snow to Méribel for a quick turn around before the Sunday service at 6pm. As it is now snowing, the temperature in the church was actually warmer than usual! I had to walk as I missed the lift and arrived completely covered but with all my ski wear on and a trusty blanket, i was warming while I dropped everywhere. We had Roger Kelly amd his friends lead the worship with backing tracks and loud singing so that was great. We know Roger from Harry’s Special Olympics skiing and it was great of them to step in last minute. We repaid them with a good meal afterwards. Gordon spoke on “Jesus – the non conformist” which was great.

The week has sped past in a blur of fresh powered, sunshine, cash and carry shopping and attempting to cook! We hope to get cover in for when Pete is away and we pray he won’t be long as he is a very popular member of out chalet.

We are collecting lodgers! Rueben, Becky next doors boyfriend, moved in for the season as he starts a new job in Meribel.
We were also contacted by a girl who needed help and somewhere to stay. Gordon stepped in with his pastoral skills and we got a bedroom ready. It’s great to be able to offer this when needed. Having Gordon staying in the chalet has meant that he’s right on the scene for people to speak with him. We seem to be collecting girls that are struggling and putting them together. Clever old God.

Today is swap the vicar day so we say goodbye to Gordon Hickson and hello to Martyn Layzell. It’s been an incredible 2 weeks and so very productive and Gordon has been exactly the right chaplain for the job.

We wait and see what the next week holds and pray for a chef replacement as Pete heads home today. He will be sorely missed.

Lara and Will.

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