Love God + Love Skiing = Altitude Mission

Jesus the Peacemaker

The benefit of having 3 worship leaders stay is that we’ve had some fantastic evenings of worship around the fire. We were so sad to see the group leave on Saturday as we had built up such an amazing family with everyone helping everyone else when needed.

Two new seasonaires came for supper on Thursday and loved it. Many of the workers don’t have Wednesday off any more so it’s good to be able to invite people on other nights too. They slotted in well and we had a great evening and they’re keen to come again.

Saturday saw a mass departure and mass arrival as for once everyone seemed to be arriving and leaving on the same day.
And yet again, Altitude has a new, amazing group of guests. 4 different groups this time who immediately gelled and became the new family for the week. Will and Harry left to go to Sierra chevelier for the week for Harry’s Special Olympic Ski training so it was all down to me!

The first day everyone skied so hard that it was a mad dash to get to church on time – and it was raining. So soggy worship leaders broke out in song and all was good.

This week we had Pat Allerton from Notting Hill join us as chaplain and along with his family they are staying in the chaplains apartment. Church was fantastic with about 35 people so the church was packed. Pat was talking on Jesus the Peacemaker and highlighting the peace that Jesus gives you in your heart. It was a great talk. 4 of the Richmond team made it over and the chalet was crammed for supper. 28 I think! Cat’s family and friends are staying this week.

Most of us are skiing in one big group which is fantastic as the sun has come out too. We all charge off down the runs with the slightly crazier guys leaping
on and off the sides and over jumps. We have a great youth leader called Sam, who my Sammy adores so it’s nice and easy to get Sammy out skiing. Harry from Richmond could also come for the night as he had an afternoon and following morning off so joined us. We also have 2 friends of Cat’s on the
Living room sofas – we’ve finally run out of room this week!

Evenings are spent playing games in front of the fire and just having a laugh.

This week at Ronnies is “Ronnies loves music” where there are great bands playing Apres and the place is nuts. We spoke with a couple who work here who are so appreciative that we are there to help people if needed but don’t Bible Bash people. That’s definitely the way ahead here as many seasonaires are completely disillusioned with God and church in a particular so it’s far better for them to witness God through our actions than us try and tell them the gospel. That part comes way later, if they are open, otherwise they just remain as friends. That’s fine and we are planting many many seeds and hopefully giving them a good perception of Christians and are able to undo some of the misperceptions they hold.

The girls invited two lads down for pizza and beer on the Wednesday and we had a real chalet full. 15 extras on top of the 24 we already are this week. It was fantastic and we had several teams taking turns in the kitchen.

It’s a lot of pizza to make and I think we’ve finally perfected the art! Prebake the tortilla wraps then top with the toppings and back in for 5 minutes. The team were military in their efforts and must have made at least 30 pizzas. I was out on the football run so I had to just leave him to it. What a great team.

The atmosphere on a night like this is fantastic and seasonaires and holiday makers are always struck by it as it is so counter-cultural. People who had only met on Saturday are all pulling together and some do the pizza, others the chatting and passing around drinks, and others deep clean the kitchen and recycle the bottles and some do all of the above! It’s truly brilliant to see God’s family at work.


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