Love God + Love Skiing = Altitude Mission

Incredible and such an honour to witness

Well this has certainly been a week to remember!

During the Wednesday night, after a great pizza and beer, many of us in the chalet – including Pat in the separate chaplains accommodation – had very disturbing dreams. My one involved sucking the insides out of someone’s cut off neck and spitting them in a bin. Daves involved him having a nerf war with evil powers. Really disturbing dreams. And then what a Thursday we had!

We all met at Clos Bernard for lunch where there was a French lady on crutches. Dave and Kate chatted with her and she’d been in pain since an operation 5 months ago which hadn’t gone well. Kate suggested they pray for her as Kate had been healed of a painful knee by prayer. The lady agreed so they prayed and nothing. So they sat her in a chair and Dave asked if one of her legs was shorter than the other. She said yes – about 3/4 inch. Dave said he’d seen a leg grow before so they prayed for the leg to grow and before their eyes it grew to the same length as the other one! They were all amazed and the lady put down the crutches and walked. No pain. She was utterly amazed – you should have seen her face shining with thanks and incredulity. They told her about Jesus and how she could now pray for other people and she immediately wanted to pray for our Sammy so prayed for his future. She was so so full of thanks and amazement. So were we!

This was followed by the same guys heading off for a ski and coming across a lift attendant with his arm on a sling. They prayed for him and he was healed! He could raise his arm up now without pains so he put his sling away in his bag. His friend seeing this and had a bad knee asked for prayer and he too was healed. It was extraordinary. Dave has known where to go as he’d had a vision of one of God’s mighty warrior angles standing, sword drawn, at the top of the Saulire lift.

The next day the healings continued.

A lady at the top of Mont Valon with crutches had her ankle healed. She could walk on it with no pain and didn’t need the crutches anymore. Something totally extraordinary was happening. At least 5 people were healed that day. Then we headed for Rond Point as we’d said on Facebook that healing was happening so if anyone wanted to meet us there with their breaks/strains/ etc they could. The team continued to heal people and Kate had an incredibly accurate word for a Seasonairre we knew. He was completely bowled over when she told him he was getting a new car as he’d just been on the phone to his mum talking about it. He thought we’d overheard! We could tell him about Jesus which was great.

Meanwhile I was back at the chalet and mopping up tears. One of our MSC staff was in the middle of big personal problems and was asking to go home. I prayed with her and mopped up tears. Then after that had finished I saw our other lodger in tears. She confessed she felt so bad as she really didn’t believe in God and we were being so nice to her and Cat, the chef, was trying so hard to teach her about Jesus but she just didn’t believe any of it. She felt guilt and shame as she poured out her grief. So more tears were mopped up as she said she wanted to leave the chalet on Wednesday and head back to her job accommodation before the end of the season.

Then that evening everyone headed back to the chalet for worship and what an evening it was. The Men of Meribel are all great and loud singers and James led brilliantly on the guitar. We sang out and it was incredible. I noticed that our lodger who can’t stay away when the guitar is played, but had just confessed her guilt and shame about not believing came in to the room and was standing by the tea urn with her eyes closed enjoying the music. I went over to hug her and she just collapsed in tears and literally clung to me sobbing for half an hour at least while everyone was worshipping around us. Then Kate got a word that James should play “Here I am to worship”. When this started, the lodger sobbed even louder. Deep wrenching tears. I just held her and let the Holy Spirit work. Apparently she had been singing this song to herself for a few weeks. It wouldn’t go out of her head. She’d asked me that morning if I knew whether James would play it. Whether he knew it. I said I didn’t know but he’d probably know it but I didn’t mention it to anyone.

Then after these big sobs as the song ended, the lodger just sang out a verse in the most beautiful voice. We were all stunned and then joined in. After, we had a time of prayer while James played softly in he background. At this point the lodger let out a loud prayer to Jesus asking Him to come in to her life and save her. To take away the darkness and shame and fill her with light. It was really incredible and such an honour to witness. When she’d finished her face lit up with joy. What an evening. Then everyone prayed for Will and I while our Sammy, who’d woken up with all the noise and singing, played “one thing remains” and sang in the background.

The Saturday was just filled with thanks and wonder as everyone had to go home. We’d witnessed something truly special.
The next 4 guests arrived at 7am that morning and we said goodbye to everyone at 8.30am! Luckily the next 14 guests didn’t arrive until Monday -Wednesday so we had a little time to draw breath and just reflect on what had happened.

Sunday saw 15 extras in church which was lovely. 6 Richmond workers as they have a very quiet week, 4 friends staying in Les Menuires, the lady who’d been healed at the top of Mont Valon amongst others. Kev and Laura are our new chaplain family and they are fantastic at chatting to everyone and Kev did a great preach on Jesus the Predictor.
Supper was busy and great as most people came back for beef bourginon.

Monday brought the arrival of the next influx of guests. They are friends of ours from the IOW and their family and a worship leader student from Durham.
Tuesday saw more guests arrive , and our Annie, so we now have a full house which was added to by our Freddie coming on Wednesday.

There have been more healings and some “non healings”. A guests knee was healed, which confused him as he wasn’t sure what he felt about healings.
Pizza and beer saw a highly proficient team in the kitchen and 6 guests. The evening just works so well.


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