Love God + Love Skiing = Altitude Mission

Passover In Meribel

Will is Jewish and his parents absolutely love Chalet Altitude so came for another week of skiing.

His dad is 84 years old and still skiing which is fantastic. Every year we celebrate Passover with them so this year we thought it would be a good idea to have one massive Passover for everyone in the chalet. There were 28 of us with various faiths ranging from Jewish, Messianic Jew, Christians, interested non-Christians and confirmed atheists. What a collection we were and we had an amazing Passover.

The evening starts with reading the Haggadah which is the Jewish Passover Book, taking you through the Exodus story of Moses, Pharaoh and the liberation of the Jewish slaves. There are many traditions to follow like eating bitter herbs, Charoset, horseradish etc with explanations and songs every step of the way. It ends with Motzah ball chicken soup followed by a delicious main course. Wills mum, Valerie, made 110 Motzah balls for us all amd Cat made tartiflette.
The evening was rounded off with rowdy singing of songs like ‘One little goat’!

Will has done some great ‘Ski Angel-ing’ this week. There was a French couple who could hardly stand, let alone ski! He realised that he’d have to get them up to the bubble car but they started throwing up everywhere. The owner of Folie Douce was there and it was great for him to see what the Ski Angels do. One guy was so drunk that he decided he could ski the red. He did one turn, collapsed and so Will had to go down the slope and push him back up! Other people had to be literally carried up to the bubble.

Kev and Laura are the chaplains for this fortnight and they’ve been fantastic at talking to all the nannies in resort as they have two young kids. We had a great Sunday service as it was lovely to show our IOW friends what we were up to, what our little church is like etc. We had no Richmond workers this week as they are all on Kids Club duties over in Les Menuires which was the first Sunday without them in a long time.

The lady whose ankle had been healed at the top of Mont Avalon came which was nice.

All our friends left on the Monday leaving a very quiet chalet! We have a great freestyle skier staying so plans are being made for an entry in to next years Riders Film Festival which would be cool. If you ski or snowboard to a really high standard please do get in touch.


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