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HTB Focus 2018 Review

Last weekend the crew from Altitude had the pleasure of camping out at the HTB Church event, ‘Focus’. We had such an incredible time and can’t wait to go again next year.

Having loved the event so much, we thought we’d create a list of the 10 reasons why we loved HTB Focus 2018:

  1. The washbasins in the toilets each have Molton Brown-style handwash and hand lotion.
  2. Walking to a seminar and passing an immaculate mermaid and two perfectly dressed jelly-fish – off to the Kids’ Group fancy dress party
  3. Spending the week connecting with God
  4. The motorhomes are the size of juggernauts – in fact they probably are juggernauts with a few fancy trimmings
  5. Fabulous choice of food vans and the man serving cheese toasties is called Archie
  6. Focus Active – Football on tap from 8am to 9pm and volleyball, table tennis and a huge climbing tree – great to have the Focus Active sports right in the middle of the site this year
  7. Golf, tennis and Bear Grylls Survival Academy also on offer.  Felt like an activity camp with a purpose
  8. Awesome worship led by Martin Smith, Ellie Limebear, Sam Bailey and more – loved the drummers, especially the one with the mad hair. 4000 of us in a tent singing God’s praises – a tiny slice of heaven, here in the New Forest
  9. Multi-coloured streamers exploding down from the Big Top roof at the end of the final worship session
  10. The live music – LZ7, Lily Jo, and much more
  11. Oh, we’ve reached 10 reasons already, and there’s so much still to tell.  Oh go on then, 20 reasons why we loved Focus 2018…
  12. The bar – oh yes… sipping pink gin and tonic in the serene walled garden with the rainbow lights illuminating said wall
  13. Taking refuge in the Dwelling Place cluster, with on tap tea or coffee, as the rain bucketed down on Sunday. Thank you Paul and Jules for looking after us so well
  14. The angel who pegged down our tent during the storm to stop it blowing away, whilst we were off site
  15. Winding down at the Fire pit at Focus students
  16. Taking 10 minutes just to drive off the Somerley Estate (it’s that large, and our car is not that fast), and seeing 2 badgers – felt like we were on safari
  17. The wooden pallets turned into cosy two-seater sofas, dotted around the site – perfect for those late night chats
  18. The BBC – Bible, Bacon and Coffee – the second-best trinity known to mankind. A ful-filling way to start the day
  19. The final-night ceilidh – nothing like an eightsome reel to get your blood pumping.  Going out with a swing
  20. The sun coming out again…

And we haven’t even mentioned the phenomenal list of speakers, preachers and seminar-takers – R.T.Kendall, Amy Orr Ewing, Bishop Agu, Pete Wynter, Archie Coates, Nicky Gumbell, and many many more.  You’ve inspired us to go out and be God’s people, here and now.

Can’t wait for Focus 2019.  Many thanks, love from Altitude Mission – the guys wearing the “Ski with God” t-shirts. #skiwithgod

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