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Heart Break & Blessings

Altitude Mission Wipeout!

What a week it has been. Disaster and blessings.

Gordon Hickson is our new chaplain and led a really interesting Bible study on Friday about the church – what is it, why don’t people flock to it, what did Jesus model etc. What does it mean that the church can repair the broken hearted? Our two non-christian guests came and joined in.

We said goodbye to our chef today which was sad. He’s off to a new job in La Plagne and we wish him well.

New guests arrived on Saturday – a couple from the Isle of Wight and an old friend. It’s a very quiet week – God obviously knew that we would be doing the cooking!

Saturday night brought tragedy in Courchevel. A large chalet providing accommodation to seasonnairres was burned down. Two lost their lives and at least 60 are homeless with nothing. Many were French or from the Comoro Island.
We offered the empty Chalet Altitude beds to those affected but we are in the wrong valley to really be of help. But it did lead to a lot of positive comments on Facebook which was good, although we also had the normal ‘back off and keep religion out of it’ comment that we get intermittently. Others sprang to our defence. But what we could do effectively is pray and offer Gordon’s help.

Sunday night brought a miracle. A young seasonnairre in Courchevel woke up in the night, unable to sleep, realising that she was really struggling and feeling lost. She even wrote “a letter to the angels” asking for help. Early Monday morning I posted on Courchevel seasonnairres that we had a chaplain and that he was going to base himself at the fire incident centre if anyone needed someone to talk to. Gordon also woke with an urge to drive over to Courchevel. So all 3 combined together and Sophie met with Gordon and willingly accepted Jesus into her life. It all suddenly made sense to her.

They prayed together and the next day she received a job offer in a game park in South Africa with a friend which she took. God was already showing her the path He wanted for her.

So the week was spent with Gordon at the fire centre for a couple of days and the authorities over there have let us run a time of prayer and reflection this Sunday in the main hall.

Monday brought our new chef, Pete, which is fantastic.
Sophie drove over for supper on Tuesday and it was lovely to meet and pray with her before she started a long drive to Spain and then a flight to South Africa. She was completely changed – an enormous weight had been lifted from her shoulders as she relaxed and let God take control. We will continue to pray for her.

Wednesday was our sons 11th birthday so we celebrated with a mountain burger from Chez Bif – the best value and delicious burgers in town. He put candles on it which was great. Sammys best friend here spent the day with us and went to Sammy’s football practise in Bozel.

Wednesday night was pizza and beer night and we had 5 seasonnairres come. It’s gradually building momentum as word gets out that we aren’t some weird cult and that it’s ok to come and eat free pizza with us! With fewer numbers in the chalet it meant that we could really chat and get to know them. One of them liked it so much he came the next night too. The great thing is that we are able to provide a family home with a home from home feel that they are very welcome to come in to. The atmosphere in the chalet is great and people really feel that. They find it a welcome relief to the rat race of a ski season and at this stage of the season they are tired and worn out and love getting a meal cooked for them.

Keep praying for us – Lara + Will.

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