Love God + Love Skiing = Altitude Mission

Gods Creation Is Truly Wonderful

The snow has arrived and what a welcome sign it is. Some great days skiing deep powder – Gods creation is truly wonderful.

Andrew Corke took over as vicar and decided with his friends to move from the chaplains apartment Into Chalet Altitude so that they could be more involved.

We had Friday night bible study on Jesus the Healer and we looked at emotional healing which was very pertinent to some in the group and we pray for continued healing for them. A seasonnairre came and stayed for supper which was great.

We love Friday night suppers as we gather Christians in resort but we often open up Chalet Latitude to anyone who’d like a meal and home from home. It’s the perfect role for Will and I who love to gather people but aren’t any good at the cooking side of things! I was born to wash up which suits me fine.

We had 28 at church which is a miracle at this time of year. It so helps bringing a crowd from Altitude and we thank God for that. Another couple of workers from Richmond in Les Menuires drove the hour around the mountain to come to church and supper. We always lay extra places at meals for extras.

We’ve had a couple of unexpected extra guests this week which we’ve loved. One of Meribel Ski Chalets staff invited a couple of friends to stay without telling them they were going to be in a christian chalet. They were shocked when they arrived (you can imagine their texts home to friends) but we’ve just loved welcoming them in all states of sobriety as they eat with us in the evenings after hours in the Apres ski bars. They even came in from the bars to Pizza and Beer before heading out again. They have been totally amazed by what we are doing and happily eat with us while worship music plays and the conversations dip in and out of God. We pray that their hearts have been opened.
Our lovely seasonnairres next door pop in for supper on their nights off.

This week we say goodbye to Darren our chef as he moves on to a new job in Le Plagne. It’s been great to have him in the chalet and we pray he brings God to Le Plagne – our second church plant maybe!

I joined another seasonnairres ski class yesterday and when I say I work with the church everyone assumes its the name of a nightclub so I have to explain that it’s ‘church – you know, the God type of church!’ Certainly starts some conversations and shuts others up very quickly.

Today there’s more powder and blue skies so we are skiing en masse with our guests and some seasonnairres. Gordon Hickson, the new chaplain, has a good day in which to warm up his ski legs.

Blessings – Lara + Will.

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