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Friend Jumps On Plane To The Rescue

We’ve had a really quiet week in the chalet which was exactly what we needed due to the fact that I was cooking!
We said goodbye to Gordon and Pete who were booked onto the same transfer minibus to the airport. In true Gordon style, he invited the transfer driver to next weeks Pizza and Beer. Pete managed to get on an earlier flight so they flew back to the uk together which was great as Pete was in considerable discomfort so had Gordon to pray with!

Then the same transfer driver picked up the next chaplain; Martyn Layzell arrived with his 2 brothers and brother in law. A Godly morning for him!

Roger’s lot who were in meribel for the week had swapped out three girls for three guys and they all came to the Tav for beers and then ours for dinner as they knew Martyn from Htb. It was a very male supper with only 2 of us girls and 16 guys! I love the fact we can open up the chalet to everyone who’s around and everyone is great at pitching in with the washing up which is helped considerably with our commercial dishwasher that takes 3 minutes to do a load! Well worth getting one fitted at home!

Friday fellowship night was great with all the boys and all 4 of our local regulars. Martyn led the Bible Study which was on the story of the paralysed man coming down through the roof to be healed. One of our new Christians came and took part which was lovely. She’s hungry to know more and loves the studying aspect of it.

We didn’t know how long Pete would be away for so on the Friday I sent an SOS to my friends on the Isle of Wight and Fiona Headington gallantly answered the call and jumped on a plane to arrive the next day. Phew! We are hugely thankful for her cooking skills and unflappability in the kitchen.

And loads and loads of snow has fallen so the days have been great for skiing fresh powder.

Before Gordon left we had an incredible morning with one of the Richmond staff. We skied the Jerusalem run through 2 feet of fresh powder on the run. Perfect for my rubbish powder skills and I managed to put some turns together before plopping over into waist deep powder as I headed off piste in the fog by mistake. That’s the second time Gordon’s been blessed by an incredible Jerusalem run on his last days skiing.

Sammy had a football tournament on Sunday in Le Praz. We were first there and it was rather surreal making a path through 2 foot of snow to the door of a sports hall at the bottom of some Olympic training ski jumps. Sammy played goalkeeper for Bozel and they won the whole tournament after a penalty shoot out to decide the final. This was an instant way for Sammy to make lots of friends as they all fought together to get the trophy. It was really different to watching an English tournament. The French kids are much more skilled and controlled on the ball and very good at passing. Says a lot that the French won the World Cup and there were quite a few mini-Pogbas there.

We headed straight to church which seemed colder than usual after 4 hours in a sports hall. It’s the chaplains job to clear a path to the church door so Martyn had to get the shovel out. We had a keyboard, guitar and an enthusiastic Sammy on the cajon. It’s hard to enthuse an 11 yr old to go to a cold church with no children’s work so Sammy gets the job of cajon player whilst dealing with the words on the screen and he loved being part of the boys worship team.

5 of the Richmond workers came over from Les Menuires so Fiona was instantly thrown in the deep end with my ‘5 more for supper please’ last minute requests. The service was great and was on the subject of ‘Jesus the Challenger’. No one hung around afterwards as we wanted to get back in the warmth and everyone came to supper. We had a good evening playing ‘spoons’ before their hour long drive home. We are really appreciative to Richmond Holidays for letting them come to church and giving them the van to drive over in. They love coming and we certainly love having them.

We took Martyn and co to experience the Folie Douce but it was relatively quiet with only a handful of tables being danced on so no vicars on the table today. 

I had seasonaires ski lessons this week with some of the seasonaires from my last lessons a month ago. It was really good to hook up with them again as we shoot around the mountain! It’s been a great way to build up relationships and we had a good time in Ronnies at the end of the lesson where I bumped in to JP from a previous lesson.

He brought 3 to pizza and beer that night. We had 12 extras in total which was fantastic. Jake, the transfer man, did come which was good and we had a tableful and fiona did a great job churning out pizzas whilst we chatted away.
So it’s been a brilliant week and the Layzell clan have just left – taken to the airport by Jake no less!
We have a quiet couple of nights before we get crazy busy as I’ve totally overbooked next week! Will is sourcing extra mattresses and duvets and who knows where everyone will sit at meals because I’d forgotten we’d actually need more chairs! It’s going to be fun.

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