Love God + Love Skiing = Altitude Mission

Embarrassment aside we sang out to God.

This week saw the first mountain worship session. Inspired by Lydia, a manager for Richmond, who had taken a group up the mountain to share communion with the mountain burger bread, we took a guitar up to one of the peaks and then climbed a rock to precariously balance as a group with Emily playing guitar. I was definitely worried as she tried to get into position while inches away from a big drop! We sang a few worship songs which is a great place to sing them. It was definitely out of my comfort zone as sound disappears out on the big mountain so I could hear my own voice far more than I was comfortable with! But about 10 of us put our embarrassment aside and sang out to God. It was really beautiful and easy to sing about His glory while we were perched on a rock surrounded by such amazing views. Afterwards we put music on a speaker and blared out more worship while we chatted. It was great.

The end of the week was certainly tricky as Cat caught a bug which left just me in control of everything – or totally not in control in my case. I learnt early on in the week that I couldn’t ski full days and run the chalet so I’m skiing in the morning, then coming back to sort things and walk the dogs. Pat Allerton came and did a bible study on Friday on God’s holiness from Isaiah 6 and we had a big fellowship dinner. We are a family of all ages this week and everyone’s loving it.

Saturday came with the daunting realisation that Cat was ill and Will was away so I had 24 to feed, lots of guests to say goodbye to and lots more to welcome. But what a team we have this week as everyone helped. The deal here is that you leave your bedroom ready for the next person, cleaned and hoovered and amazingly people really do! They also helped me lug all the clean linen up to the bedrooms as I was succumbing to Cat’s bug. I was so blessed that they had a late leaving time so could help me.
Then a spare hour before the next lot arrived! And again what a great bunch they are.

It amazes me every week that lovely people just keep on coming! They came up in the van with Rob the transfer driver who comes to our Pizza and Beer evenings and they had loads of good chats.

The final lot of guests arrived much later so after giving them a late dinner, showing them their rooms etc I staggered off to bed which was a very welcome sleep!

Sunday saw Will and Harry return and what a relief that was. Harry has had the most amazing time and made some great genuine friends and really grown in confidence.

Church was fantastic. 6pm is now very much in daylight which completely changes the atmosphere and look of the church and as it was a warm day we didn’t even need the blankets! Some Richmond crew came over and it lasted nearly an hour and a half. In the winter this just wouldn’t have been possible but the warm spring weather meant we could take our time.

After a great supper we got the guitar out and Cameron and James played and we all sang. Pat has brought a ‘Men of Meribel’ group out with him and the 6 boys know how to sing loudly and join them with Dave’s 8 meant the worship was fantastic.

Dave, James and Ben have been filming around town and asking people questions and seeing if anyone wants healing. We’ll wait and see the results but it’s been great that they have the courage to get out there and do this.
We’ve been doing more praying on the slopes too as Will came across a lady who had just fallen and obviously broken her arm. He could stay with her and pray while the medical help arrived.

The Folie has been much quieter this week but the presence of a very volatile drinker reminded me how great it will be when we can be in there as a team of Ski Angels to defuse any trouble and keep helping those get down the slopes. We’ve helped many many people this week find the green run down rather than risk the dodgy red! And we watched a snowboard become dislodged at the top of the run and fly off by itself down the steep slope. It was so fortunate that it didn’t head down the piste as this could easily have killed someone but it hurtled down the side of the run where there were no skiers and went at least 300m before it stopped. You can imagine the owners surprise when we found him looking for his board and showed him where it was. Rather worse for wear he started running off down the slope which was way slippier and steeper than he imagined as he tumbled down. Luckily he was reunited with his board unhurt.

The weather has been amazing this week. The group have picked a great week to come. There is still plenty of snow although it’s melting fast but the Rond Point Jump afternoon was great to watch in the sunshine. They build jumps on the slope just beside the bar and boarders show off their tricks.
Then it was back to the chalet for Pizza and Beer. There’s no rest here! Sophie was amazing as she, with the help of Kate, made all the pizzas as I was on he football run and Will was Ski Angel-ing. JP came and brought two new workers and it was a great evening with Lily stealing the heart of Naomi, who is new to resort.

There’s something about these evenings that really works. The atmosphere is always great and it is definitely noticed by the workers.


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