Love God + Love Skiing = Altitude Mission


Why Choose Altitude Mission

There is no other ski season like Altitude Mission.  It is a totally unique experience that gives you the chance to deepen your faith, make Christian friends for life, and to come away with a level 2 BASI ski or snowboard instructor’s qualification..

We have seen how hard it is to be a Christian doing a ski season without the support of fellow Christians.  Now you will not only get that support, but you will create bonds that last a lifetime.  The friends you make here will be the ones you turn to as you continue on your journey through life.

At Altitude Mission you will do so much, you will be challenged, you will be exhausted and exhilarated in equal measure, you will laugh till it hurts, you will ski like you’ve dreamed of skiing, snowboard through a field of powder, you will sing God’s praises as you zoom down a red run, you will put others before yourself, you’ll learn to make lasagne, you’ll have dinner with Christian leaders – the people that have done what you hope to do, you’ll dance on the tables at the Ronnie, and by the end of the season, you’ll have got closer to God.

Every day will be different – you could start off by leading a bible study for your friends, then head up the mountain and be taught how to ski slalom gates, enjoy a picnic lunch on the hill with your mates, do some jumps and half-pipes in the park in the afternoon, go to an apres-ski bar with Christian and non-Christian friends and then come home and help prepare a 2-course meal for 24 of you – and that’s just one day.


For January to April 2019 we are offering the BASI 1 & 2 ski instructors course, but you need to book by end of November.  For January to April 2020 we are offering the BASI 1 & 2 instructors course for skiers and for snowboarders.

You will have over 200 hours of ski or snowboarding lessons – concentrating on a particular discipline such as off-piste powder, race-training, couloirs, steep and deep, moguls, freestyle park.  You’ll have a chance to learn a second discipline such as snowboarding, skiing or cross-country.  If you are of a sufficient standard you’ll take the week-long BASI 1 training course which ends with the BASI 1 test on the Friday.

To complete the course you’ll need to do 35 hours of ski class shadowing, which we will arrange for you.  To get qualified you’ll also need to complete our outdoor first aid training sessions, and you’ll need to be CRB checked (we recommend you do this before you come out for the season).

Those students that are progressing well will be invited to join BASI Level 2 – it’s a 10-day training course and assessment.  You’ll also need a further 35 hours of ski class shadowing which we will arrange.

When conditions allow, there will be avalanche training, and your course fee includes an avalanche backpack, with transceiver, shovel and probe.

This is a 14-week course.  Dedicated training for 7 weeks is delivered by Level 4 trainers directly employed by Ski Marmalade. This will include 6 half weeks of lessons, and 1 full week of lessons.   Three other weeks of this course are delivered by BASI Trainers supplied and approved by BASI under our BASI Partner Agreement.  The first of these weeks will end with the Assessment for BASI 1.  The assessment for BASI 2 takes places at the end of the third of these weeks, towards the end of the season.  You will also have at least two weeks of shadowing ski schools to help you learn the ins and outs of being a ski teacher.

As well as the specialist ski and snowboard teaching, you’ll have plenty of time for free skiing, to go and explore the huge area of the 3 Valleys, and to perfect your technique, so that by the time April rolls in, you’ll be skiing and boarding like a very well-seasoned seasonnaire.

“Meribel Ski Chalets Ltd is a recognised BASI partner and approved by the British Association of Snowposrt Instructors (BASI) to promote and sell specified BASI courses.

Typical Student Day

Your chalet breakfast will usually be at 8am.  Students will take it in turns to help the cook with setting up breakfast and everyone will help clear away and make their picnic.

Each day will be different depending on the ski timetable.  Days will start with a time of prayer and breakfast.  These will be led by the discipleship couple initially but as the season progresses students will be encouraged to lead prayer or a bible study. If it’s a bluebird day, we’ll head up on to the slopes.  On other days we may do a bible study before skiing.

For some of the weeks, ski training will take place all day, so students will make a packed lunch and then head to the slopes – it’s a short walk (about 5 minutes) from the chalet to the ski slopes.  

Other weeks, ski lessons will take place in the afternoons only, so students will head to the slopes for some free ski time to brush up on the skills they’ve been learning.

You will be skiing most days – the skiing and the mountains in the 3 Valleys are awesome

In the evenings there will be a whole range of activities. These may include 

  • An après-ski meet-up in one of the local bars – this is a chance to invite your friends somewhere informal.
  • Connecting with seasonnaires on their day off, perhaps starting on the slopes at the Folie Douce, or The Ronnie, and ending with a beer and pizza evening at our chalet.
  • Serving at our church service in the Meribel chapel – on welcome, or worship, or leading prayers.
  • Helping people home from the night club.
  • Praying in our 24-7 Prayer Room

Our mission will be very much God-led.

On 5 evenings a week, your chalet cook will prepare a 2-course evening meal for you.  Students will take it in turns to help with meal preparation, and in so doing, you’ll learn invaluable cooking skills.  Everyone will help tidy away the meal.

Discipleship programme

Along with regular mentoring sessions and prayer, we really want you to deepen your relationship with God to know what he has planned for you.  Each week we will lead you through one of three video streams from the St Paul’s Theological Centre (part of St Mellitus College in London).  These are talks given by experts in their field, and will be followed by a relaxed discussion of the issues.  By the end of the course, you’ll have an overview of the Bible, you’ll know how to answer the big questions, and you’ll understand more of how God works in your life.

The topics covered are:

Accommodation Details

You will be living in a catered chalet very close to the centre of Meribel.  The chalet has 12 twin bedrooms, all with en-suite shower or bathrooms.  You will be sharing with other Christians. The chalet is fully catered on 5 days of the week.  For the other 2 days you will be able to cook for yourselves or go out for a meal.

The centre of Meribel is just a 3-minute walk downhill, and the ski slopes just a couple of minutes beyond that.

There is a large dining area, and a comfortable living room with open fireplace + free wifi.

Chalet Altitude
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