Love God + Love Skiing = Altitude Mission

A long cut & 6 staples later!

It’s continued to snow so we’ve had the fire lit a lot and spent many times around the fire and enjoying fellowship. Our heartbroken temporary lodger headed home but came in to the prayer room for prayer before she caught her transfer. Her luggage was way too heavy – well over the allotted 20 kgs – so as we prayed and chatted about God, I told her that we would all be praying for an angel at the check in desk who would let it onto the plane with no problem. She is still very shocked and just would struggle to find a credit card, remember the number and sort it all out. So a prayer request went out on the weekly whatsapp and we waited to see how God would work. At the airport, her luggage was flagged up as being very overweight and they let her through no problem. No fuss or issue at all. We have a great God so when she said she must have had an angel on the desk we could chat about prayer, talking to God and Him walking out our life with us. So much easier to go through life with God in the driving seat rather than attempt to stumble through it ourselves.

Saturday saw an influx of new guests as well as a new lodger who needs a bed for a while. I love the way we can scoop up people and they can witness staying in a christian chalet with no gossip, back biting, and just fellowship and support.

We have 5 female seasonaires staying now, only one of them a christian, and yet they are all happy to hang out in the main dining room and drink cups of tea together in between their shifts. God is definitely at work in the chalet.

The new guests gelled really quickly as many of them shared the same transfer van so chatted up the hill.

We have 3 worship leaders so church was fantastic and it helped Will Jackson out as he has managed to rip one of the stitches out of his thumb. We had a whip round and raised enough to help 3 Richmond boys come over for church and supper. So the church was full, and we had 7 other people wander in to enjoy great worship, great preaching and the Holy Spirit. We have definitely reached a point in church where we are happy to invite people we know in resort along. Last year, with only 10 or so of us, it was hard to invite people as although we loved it, we weren’t sure about their first experience of church being with very few of us in a cold church with backing soundtracks for worship while we hid our embarrassment at our singing!

This week we had over 30 people, a warmer church, vibrant worship and a great talk. God has moved so obviously here. We got a welcome surprise as Sammy played and sang whilst we had a ministry time.

Monday saw us scoop up a Richmond worker who had Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning off. So she could ski over, go to supper (chefs night off) with 3 of our guests and then hang out jamming in the living room around the fire. We popped a mattress on the floor of the prayer room for her. We love being able to do that and we love the fact our guests are so happy to welcome others into their holiday. This week has been a really unified week where people have formed groups according to skiing ability and helped each other out on the slopes.
At last the sun came out on Tuesday so we all rushed out for first lifts and had a fantastic days skiing.

Unfortunately one of our guests managed to head butt a wall of rock and gash open her head. A doctor was the first person passed so assessed her, saw the blood on the snow and removed the balaclava to reveal a long cut. 6 staples later, with no anaesthetic but a lot of prayer, Christine was back at the chalet sleeping off the concussion. It was great to be able to send out whatapp requests for prayer as I held her hand as the staples went in. Stitches would have meant a shaved head patch and the pain of local anaesthetic so we took the decision just to go ahead and staple! Only the last one hurt.

Supper saw two extra guests. Kate, who was on holiday in Meribel and had heard about us from a friend came up and Debbie invited a friend. And of course we had Becky next door. It’s just that kind of chalet.

Lots more snow this week so visibility hasn’t been great but the skiing has been amazing. The seasonaires in resort are all very tired and many are leaving their jobs. It’s been a strange season for that. Many chalet businesses are struggling with staff issues.

We have been thrilled to hear that New Generation Ski Instructors course have offered us the chance to have skiers join their course but stay with us. So gap year students can come and get their ski instructors qualification but live with us. We tried to get this going last year but needed 10 students to make it work so it works really well for us to tag on to another group already set up and just send them however many skiers are interested. Much better flexibility for us and a great way to meet other seasonaires.


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